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Sitecore Commerce InitializeEnvironment error: 'Failed to get connection for Sitecore'

After installing Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 using the provided powershell scripts, the initialize environment command failed with the following error: localhost:5000/commerceops/InitializeEnvironment(environment='HabitatAuthoring') { "@odata.context":"http://localhost:5000/CommerceOps/$metadata#Commands/$entity", "@odata.type":"#Sitecore.Commerce.Core.Commands.InitializeEnvironmentCommand", "Id":"0279d5d989dc43249df9827354786a61", "ResponseCode":"Error", "Messages":[ {
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Sitecore Experience Commerce

All you need to know about Sitecore Commerce Service APIs

Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 is the first step in building a next generation e-commerce platform. I’ve already explored pricing [] and promotions [] . Underpinning all of this functionality is Sitecore’s trump card- the Commerce Engine, which is based on a microservices
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