Configuring Business Tools Settings in Sitecore Experience Commerce 9

After a vanilla install of Sitecore Experience Commerce 9, you will see the following icon to access Business Tools in the Sitecore Launchpad:


If you need to override the default settings for this link- no sweat, I'll show you how.

Switch to the core database and navigate to:


Change Business Tools URL

Under the Behavior section, you can update the URL for business tools:


Head on here to get more detailed instructions on how to update the default URL for Business Tools.

Change Page Behavior

By default, when you click on the link it opens Business Tools in a new window. Under the same Behavior section, you have the option to change that to either navigate to Business Tools in the same window or to embed it as an iframe to the same page:


Change Text and Icon

Finally, if you want to change the link text and/or icon, you can update that in the Appearance section: