Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 Business Tools Infinite Spinner

After installing Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 Update 2 and customising my storefront name in the Commerce Control Panel, I went over to Business Tools to have a look at the beauty. But all I got was a never ending spinner:


Responding to muscle memory, I wandered to the Commerce Engine logs, and lo and behold- I was greeted with a barrage of errors, the first two of which were:

ERROR CommerceController.OnActionExecuting.BadRequest: Code=Error|TermKey=InvalidShop|Text=Shop 'CommerceEngineDefaultStorefront' does not exist.

ERROR CtxMsg.Error.EntityNotFound: Text=Entity 'HabitatAuthoring' was not found.

Of course, I had changed the storefront in the Commerce Control Panel to something more in line with my own requirements, but Business Tools was still trying to use the default name. As you know, the new Business Tools in Sitecore XC9 sit under a different site in IIS called SitecoreBizFx:


After snooping around in the SitecoreBizFx config files, I found the culprit at SitecoreBizFx\assets\config.json:



Updated the config.json to use my personalized EnvironmentName and ShopName. Happy days!