When installing the Sitecore Experience Platform or Sitecore Experience Commerce through Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF), often times you may run into errors mid way through the installation. When re-running the installation, there is a handy feature that allows you to skip certain installation tasks using the ‘Skip’ flag.

Install-SitecoreConfiguration @params -Skip CreateBinding

The name of task you want to skip is in the corresponding JSON configuration file that you are installing. E.g. the task above (CreateBinding) is in Master_SingleServer.json:


To skip multiple steps, just supply a comma separated list of tasks, e.g.:

Install-SitecoreConfiguration @params -Skip CreateBinding, InstallSolrCores

When you run the deploy script, you will see the skipped steps:

That's not all- in order to the reverse, i.e. to run specific tasks only use the 'Tasks' paramter:

Install-SitecoreConfiguration @params -Tasks CreateBinding, InstallSolrCores