How to disable stock level check in Sitecore Experience Commerce 9

Recently, I had a requirement to disable stock check for all products (Sitecore XC 9.0 Update 2). After going through OOTB policies, I found the GlobalInventoryPolicy with a CheckStockLevel property that I set to false:


After bootstrapping, I found that it didn't make any difference and inventory checks were still being done. Delving further, I had a look at the de-compiled code in dotPeek and looks like the CheckStockLevel property was not used by any of the Commerce plugins.

I then reached out to the Sitecore Support team, and got the following response:

I've just got the response from the development team and it appears that the mentioned CheckStockLevel property is leftover from earlier releases and it's not being used now.

In the current version, there is no logic which allows dissabling\enabling stock level.

Therefore, I've registered a feature request for the product so that it can be considered for future implementation.

To track the future status of this request, please use the reference number 31276. More information about public reference numbers can be found here:


In the meanwhile, a quick way to disable inventory for a specific product is to add one of the following known entitlements tags for digital products (such as 'service') on the product to bypass inventory checks: